How to Order Brioche Burger Buns in Bulk

May 27, 2022

Being one of the most commonly consumed goods in the ready-to-eat food business, a batch of brioche burger buns are essential for any good hotel or restaurant to have. What’s important though, and what makes a difference, is having good quality brioche buns to serve to your clients.

This can be a bit hard when you’re busy running all other aspects of your business, which probably means you have no time to make them yourself. So, here’s how you can order brioche burger buns in bulk to cook the most delicious meals in all of the UK.

We’ll give you a few tips that save both time and money, so keep reading!

Test The Product

Before giving a bulk order, it’s always essential to taste what you’re ordering. A special piece of advice here is to taste a brioche bun that has specifically been made for a bulk order.

Baking brioche buns for small events and parties is quite different from bulk baking for different clients. Suppliers need to increase their ingredient proportions by ten, fifty, or even a hundred times on average!

When this happens, they might need to modify their recipes, especially preservatives, flavour enhancers, and other ingredients.

So, you could test a brioche bun cooked perfectly when made by itself and then receive a completely different product as part of a bulk order. To avoid this, test from a batch made in bulk.

Check Where Materials Are Sourced From

What really sets suppliers apart is where they get their different materials from. This will mainly include two types of materials:

The Edible Supplies

This includes the different flours they use, oils, yeast, extracts, flavour additives, preservatives, eggs, milk, and anything that they sprinkle on top of their brioche burger buns. You want to make sure these are sourced from high-quality providers.

The Non-Edible Supplies

The nonedible baking supplies consist of:

  • The mould they’ll use
  • The oven they’ll bake in
  • Knives, sieves, whisks, bowls, containers
  • Refrigerator
  • Dry storage cupboards
  • Washbasin and cleaning supplies
  • Electric appliances that they might use in their daily business

Once again, you want to make sure that the bakery where you place your order uses high-grade utensils that are regularly cleaned and well-maintained.

Plan Your Batches

How many small, fresh batches of buns do you need daily? How many larger weekly batches? Or will you order monthly and keep the buns in cold storage? Or do you need a custom schedule?

These are all questions you should have answers to before placing a bulk order. Some bakeries will have set schedules while others will be willing to take custom orders.

Planning your batches before placing an order will help you save time and allow you to find the most cost-effective supplier.

Final Words

When picking a bulk brioche burger buns supplier, there are many things you should keep in mind. Namely, you want to order from a place that serves high quality buns and can meet your demand schedule, such as our own Millers Bakery!

To find out more about our services and products, contact us today.