About Us

A Bespoke Bakery

Our aim at Millers Bespoke Bakery is to be the finest wholesale baker producing the highest quality products. We apply traditional time honoured methods and the quality and consistency of our products are paramount. Our extensive range is a testament to the diversity of our client base and our bespoke products reflects our ongoing creative ability to develop new bread styles.



This is the first stage of the bread production. All of our flours are fully aged to produce the optimum quality and to gain the best performance from the natural fermentation and production process. We always hold a maximum of 120 tonnes of flour in our custom-built silos.

Our mixing room is state of the art with temperatures, weights and times strictly controlled. All ingredients and doughs are continuously monitored to ensure perfect quality in every batch that is produced.

Dough Processing

This is the most important part of the bread-making process. After mixing, the doughs are fermented and then divided. Depending on the type of bread, the dough receives a second fermentation. We maintain strict quality controls to ensure we produce a perfect product.


Processing By Hand

Our teams of artisan bakers are all trained to mould in the same style; we ensure that all our 150 different hand-made breads are always produced to our rigorous standards. It is vital that quality of our product is constant throughout and our bakers pride themselves on their baking skill.

Processing By Machine

Our state-of-the-art processing machines are used for our higher volume products. All systems are computer controlled and constantly monitored by our bakers. Automation gives volume consistency and the artisan style is never compromised through our skillful use of traditional methods and recipes.


Care & Attention

We ensure that all our breads are of the highest standard by our strict quality controls and our bakers’ attention to detail throughout the production process. Texture, size, colour and consistency are accurately evaluated and any bread not meeting absolute requirements is discarded.


At this stage of the bread-making process, the dough pieces are at their most delicate. For the majority of our breads, we believe a slow proof gives a far better flavour and final product quality. To ensure the perfect proof, we strictly control temperature, humidity and proving time.



We use two different types of ovens; the modern system of convection and the more traditional stone-soled oven. The choice of oven depends on the product being baked. This stage of the bread making process will give the final product its authenticity.

Our Bread

Just as in any good restaurant kitchen, before any of our breads are passed to our packing department, they are checked by our Head Baker or a senior member of his team.

Our philosophy is 'IF IT AIN'T RIGHT, MAKE IT AGAIN' .


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Our Bread

The high quality of a small batch producer with the consistency and customer service of a large scale bakery.