The Brioche Burger Bun: a Sweet and Buttery Alternative to the Regular Plain Burger Bun

September 27, 2022

If you have never had a brioche burger, you could be in for a real treat. Now, you might be asking, why are brioche buns good for burgers? Should I toast the brioche bun? And what other types of buns can I try with my burgers? Here, we answer all of these questions.

Are Brioche Buns Good for Burgers?

Yes, they are perfect for burgers. In fact, brioche buns seem to have become increasingly popular for burgers in recent years. And it’s easy to see why – a brioche bun is very much a gourmet bun. This is no surprise, as the French invented brioche, and they know a few things about gourmet food.

Brioche buns tend to have more flavour than other bun types due to their high egg and butter content. As a result, they have a buttery and sweet taste and were more commonly used with sweet foods until they became popular as a burger bun.

For this reason, brioche is often best paired with foods where the sweetness will compliment the other flavours. Think tangy pulled pork burgers or spicy southern fried chicken.

Should I Toast a Brioche Burger Bun?

Burger buns are often best when toasted, as it adds crunch and flavour and can help absorb some of the moisture from the burger contents without becoming soggy. To toast a brioche bun, slice it in half and grill briefly. For an added kick to the flavour, lightly brush with olive oil before toasting.

Alternatives to the Brioche Burger Bun

Although we think that brioche makes for the best burger bun, there are many other types of buns you can use for burgers. For example:

  • Plain Bun: Just your standard, regular bread bun. No frills, just simple bread to put your burger in. It might not hold up well with a heavy load of burger toppings.
  • Sesame Seed Bun: Just a plain bun with added sesame seeds for extra crunch and flavour.
  • Kaiser Roll: Like an upgraded version of the sesame seed bun, but with a flakier texture.
  • Potato Bun: These can work well for classic American-style burgers and are made by using potato flour in the recipe instead of regular wheat flour. Potato buns provide a sturdy bed for burger patties but can be a bit too starchy.
  • Milk Bun: Softer and less sweet than a potato bun, but with a crispier exterior, milk buns are a popular choice for many venues. Ideal for regular hamburgers and chicken burgers, where you don’t want the simple burger flavour to be overpowered by the bun.
  • English Muffin: These buns are crunchier, as long as they are toasted, and are popular for breakfast sandwiches.
  • Pretzel Bun: A sturdy option, but perhaps a bit too study, as they can be a bit too tough to bite through, causing your burger to squeeze out.
  • Ciabatta Roll: With a good flavour and texture, the ciabatta is another study option, like the pretzel bun.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you have numerous options to choose from when it comes to burger buns. However, the brioche burger bun is a perfect choice for spicy chicken or tangy pulled pork burgers, where the bun’s buttery sweetness will enhance the flavour. Even better, if you toast your brioche burger bun, it can help absorb some of the moisture from the burger contents without becoming soggy.